3 Tips for Cooking Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee. Coffee has never been so good. Grind the coffee very finely. Grind your coffee yourself in the hand coffee grinder. Add the coffee to the cold water from the beginning. Do not add to warming water. Let the coffee-water ratio be 2.5 g of coffee to 30 ml of water. The ratio should … Read more

How to Make an Omelette?

How to Make an Omelette? Although the omelette may seem simple, it is actually a difficult dish. It takes a lot of skill. One of the first lessons of the art of cooking begins with learning how to cook an omelette. It is shown as the best method of learning heat control. The choice of … Read more

3 Tips to Cook Dried Beans Beautifully

Facts About Dried Beans 3 Tips to Cook Dried Beans Beautifully What we know wrong about beans Do You Still Soak? Do you still soak the beans or even all the legumes before cooking them? Good, but why? If you want it to be delicious, you shouldn’t soak. We read this in almost every recipe, … Read more

How to make easy meatballs?

Of course, you can easily make delicious meatballs at home. How to make easy meatballs? Let’s examine the easiest, simplest meatball recipe then. Don’t be fooled. Sometimes the most beautiful flavor is reserved in the simplest. First of all, it shouldn’t be too hard. It should be a little soft. It should be as big … Read more