3 Tips to Cook Dried Beans Beautifully

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Facts About Dried Beans

3 Tips to Cook Dried Beans Beautifully

What we know wrong about beans

Do You Still Soak?

Do you still soak the beans or even all the legumes before cooking them? Good, but why? If you want it to be delicious, you shouldn’t soak.

We read this in almost every recipe, soak the dried beans (even all dried legumes) 1 night before cooking. It will be surprising for many of us to learn that this is wrong. Soaking and especially soaking in cold water the night before increases neither the flavor nor the softening of the beans. It actually does the opposite. It spoils the flavor. It is true that the cooking time is slightly shortened, but this is a relative gain. That’s it. Especially soaking has no use in terms of gas.

Getting used to this idea may not be easy for many of us. As a result, many of us learned that the beans must be soaked before cooking. But cooking the beans without soaking is actually a very old cooking method. Nevertheless, if you want to cook without soaking, do not neglect to put salt in the water you are soaking.

Here are 3 Tips To Cook Dried Beans Beautifully:

1) Always wash in cold water before cooking.

2) If you want the beans to be delicious, DO NOT soak before cooking. (If you prefer to soak, definitely add salt to the water.)

3) Use HOT WATER, not cold while cooking.

4) Be careful not to boil down while cooking.

5) Never cook in boiling water, cook SLOWLY.

Last few points: Don’t let your saucepan be too small. Even if you cook on low heat, always keep an eye on your beans. Occasionally check the degree of cooking by taste. Never boil. The only exception is kidney beans. It is necessary to start cooking by boiling kidney beans for 10 minutes. Then the cooking stage should be started on low heat.

What we know wrong about beans.

1) It takes hours to cook dried beans. False. In fact, different beans are to be cooked in a different time. We can cook some a little more than 40 minutes. But it doesn’t take hours. This is even true for other dried legumes. It does not take hours to cook even the hardest-to-cook chickpea. If you want it to be very soft, you need to cook it on very low heat, and then this one can take a long time. But mostly the cooking time of the beans varies between 1 and 2 hours. There are some factors that affect the cooking time: the size of the beans, the freshness, the hardness of your water. Therefore, the cooking time of the beans is actually a bit intuitive, not certain.

2) If you do not have time, there is a quick soak method that works. To wash the beans, add enough water to pass over the pot and boil for 1 minute when the water starts to boil, and then take it off the stove, cover the pot and leave it in hot water for 1 hour. Then pour the water and start cooking the beans. This method is also believed to reduce gas caused by beans.

Completely wrong. This method has a high nutritional cost. If you apply this method, you will throw away valuable nutrients, flavor and antioxidants. The beans do not need to be soaked in any way. The secret is to boil in boiling water and to cook slowly on low heat. The only alternative is to cook in a pressure cooker.

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